(As if you need it!)

We all do it, some more productively than others…When my house is sparkling, those closest to me know I’m avoiding something.

When faced with a deadline, project or event that I just don’t want to participate in I start cleaning and organizing.


Bed-I make my bed everyday, some days I just straighten out the covers and call it done.

When procrastinating, my bed becomes a work of art. Starting with the fitted sheet completely pulled onto the four corners and the center smoothed out, then the flat sheet pulled taut over that, with the bottoms tucked into ‘hospital corners’. Then the warm stuff, again…smoothed and pulled taut-double checking throughout that the hang is even on both sides of the bed. Once all the bedding is laid out smooth, I fold the flat sheet down, and arrange the freshly fluffed and straightened pillow cases precisely.

Procrastination - Bed 2


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