Disorganized? Can’t find what you need to take care of business? Overwhelmed by your stuff? You are not alone. Creating and maintaining order in one’s space is not intuitive for all of us but that does not mean you have to give up on organization!

All of life’s main events require space and reorganization e.g., welcoming a baby, bereavement, divorce, moving, a marriage. Sometimes, dealing with said stuff is the last thing on your mind. Things sit and become the obstacles you trip over, push to the side and eventually stop seeing. Most of us get tangled up in stuff before we even know it.

Realizing you need assistance with effective space management is an important starting point.

86 Excess can help you:
   – rediscover your ideal environment,
   – reach personal and professional goals of efficiency,
   – maintain organization.

Reducing clutter, prioritizing projects that need doing, and implementing various management systems are some of the ways 86 Excess can help you reclaim your environment. Each step of the process is specifically tailored to you, based on your needs, wants, and vision for your space.

Terry’s mission is to help you liberate the fundamental aspects of your life, freeing you from all the “stuff” that is hindering your space and your life.  

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