Terry was able to transform a space that I was uncomfortable being in into my personal oasis. The ‘stuff’ that surrounded me was trapping me, yet I couldn’t seem to part with it, or figure out how to organize it.

With enormous patience and understanding, Terry came and together we sorted through ALL of it, bit by bit. By the end of the process I had gotten rid of an enormous amount of dead weight.  And I didn’t miss any of it. After clearing the space, she came up with creative ways to store what I had left. She asked me a lot of questions about how I envisioned the space, consulted me before doing anything, and in a short amount of time by adding color, rearranging a few things, and adding a couple of new touches, it was a completely unrecognizable space.

I realized how much our space effects our state of mind and well-being, and for that I thank Terry not just for freeing my space, but helping to free my mind!
Kate, International Aid Worker