Virtual Organizing – Work with established clients virtually, using Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or simply the telephone.

Residential – No job too small! From organizing your purse, glove box, junk drawer to your closet, room, home office, entire house, garage or all of the above!

Downsizing – Had enough of all the stuff and need some help to shed the weight of it all? I can help you prepare for a garage or estate sale, wade through storage units and bring order to it all.

Moving – Nothing like moving to get you to reassess your possessions. I can help you cull, organize, and prep for moving day and/or work with you to determine best placement in your new space.

Remodeling РBringing it all back in?  Together we can determine what stays, goes or gets stored, helping you figure out how it all fits together in the new space.